Saariston Musiikkifestivaalit  2016  
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Summersongs 2016

 - with soul and heart

This years production of Summersongs takes us back to the starting place - the church of Nötö.
The actor Riko Eklundh has produced the Summersong concert tour events since 1999. In addition to Nötö Summersong concerts have been arranged in the churches of Nagu and Hitis, in the chapel of Jurmo and Utö lighthouse Chapel. Three times the tour has touched down also in the Swedish Archipelago near Stockholm.  
The Nötö Summersong consert is always he 7.7 at 7p.m. (July 7th at 19:00 hours). This year Summersong proudly presents Lineah Svärd from Stockholm. Although a swedish musical singer she became known also in Finland thanks to the Mamma Mia musical production in the swedish theatre in Helsinki. 
As usual, our kapellmestier is Henrik Wikström - also known from the Mamma Mia-production.
The theme for this years Summersong-concert is - "with soul and heart"
Programme leaflets á 15€ are sold at the door 1 hour before the concert


Riko Eklundh
tel. 040-5194309 City of Parainen / Tourism