Saariston Musiikkifestivaalit  2016  
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Kids Party Tour

Music Tour

Kids Party Tour is a family event including theatre, games, crafting, refreshments and just hanging out together. It is the 11th annual Party Tour, and we celebrate it by presenting a wide range of extra fun entertainment!

”Kid's Party with Mother Moo and Apan Anders" starts with the childrens theatre act "Mother Moo and the Crow", which is a story about the friendship between an energetic crow and a mellow cow. 

After the theatre act there's music and movement as Apan Anders leads the kids in activity songs. After this there's crafting, games and some snacks.

The programme is in Swedish, but everyone is welcome!
The programme on the stage is about 45 minutes and the whole event takes about 1½ hours.

10 €. Free for children under 2 years, that sit in their parents lap. 
Tickets are sold at the door except:

Tickets to the event in Pargas 15.7 sold on-line NetTicket, from the Pargas town hall and Kelovee and also at the entrance.



Anders Grönroos
tel. 0400-531770

 Mamma Mu och Kråkan

Tour time table Apan Anders

Monday 11.7 kl. 10.30-12, Vesterlid, Houtskär

Monday 11.7 kl. 17-18.30, Gjallarhorn, Korpo

Tuesday  12.7 kl. 17-18.30, Framnäs, Nagu

Wednesday 13.7 kl. 17-18.30, Wrethalla, Kimito

Thursday 14.7 kl. 14-15.30, Heimgård, Iniö

Friday 15.7 kl. 17-18.30, Lillholmen, Pargas City of Parainen / Tourism